Success Story: Testimony of Fidel Ochieng

Three-year-old Fidel Ochieng was born with congenital malformations to his left leg, fingers and toes.

Quote from his mum: "When we found out Fidel had these malformations we were so worried, so scared….He could not walk or play”

Thankfully, Fidel’s Mum brought him to SEP’s project at Saint Joseph’s Chapel in Kariobangi. Thanks to SEP therapists, Fidels mum was put in touch with a hospital where Fidel received surgety and an artificial leg.  Since the surgery, Fidel has received therapy each week at the Kariobangi project.  He can now walk independently.  His family is very happy.

Toy Making

At SEP we believe that play is an essential part of every child's life and is vital for the enjoyment of childhood as well as for the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

Children with disabilities need to have suitable stimulating toys to play with, in order to develop their cognitive, motor, communication, social and emotional skills.

SEP takes play seriously because we understand that it is a child's primary occupation.  Just like children we use the things we find in our environment to play but we add value to them to make them more FUNctional.  We involve parent in toy making workshops so that they can learn to make toys using simple locally available materials.

Success Story - Goodnews

"We are so happy with what SEP has done”  Mum of Goodnews. 

SEP supports Songa Mbele na Masomo, a day care centre and school for children with special needs in Mukuru slums.  One of the children at the centre is called Goodnews.  Goodnews came to the centre when he was 3 years old; he was not able to crawl, to stand or to walk, but he was clever and motivated in playing and learning.

We started therapy and we were able to train the body and his muscles.  Slowly he got more muscle strength and he started crawling.  By the end of 2013 he started walking, first with support and now independetly.


Our Vision

We will strive to be a centre of excellence that ensures every child with special needs has access to the support they need. 

Our Mission

is to promote a trans-disciplinary approach and skills development amongst all professionals working with children with special needs.

Our Core Values

Giving dignity to the child with special needs and empowering them and their families. Working as a team who consult, cooperate and support one another.

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A Touch of Hope

Dance for Youth with Special Needs

Special Education Professionals (SEP) is pleased organise another edition of the dance for youth with special needs from ages 13years and above, at the Sarakasi Dome, in Ngara. The dance party will take place on Friday 29th May 2015, starting from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Note that we have moved the Dance to a Friday to allow schools to organise for this event as a school outing. The dance for youth is a special fun event for the teenagers and adolescents to get together and have some fun!

Youth from different schools and centres get an opportunity to meet and socialise with each other. It will be a friendly afternoon of music, dance, fun and entertainment.

Entertainment on the day will be provided by “All Stars DJ’S” as well as a team from the well acclaimed Sarakasi Dancers.

In case a school would like to give a dance presentation on the day, kindly inform us so we can include the presentation in the programme.

Students in schools need to be accompanied by a teacher/guardian to chaperone them during the party.

The dance party is free of charge, however participants are encouraged to carry some pocket money for purchasing soft drinks. Please consider yourself specially invited to participate in this event. Attached please find a poster invitation for the day.

All interested in attending can RSVP to Louisa on 0733267869 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We look forward to seeing you at the dance party!

About Us

SEP held a disability awareness event at Shekainah Glory Sanctuary in Kahawa West. The event was a joint collaboration between Special Education Professionals and several other organizations working in special needs including Autism Awareness Kenya, Dyslexia Kenya, Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya, and Kenya Association for the Welfare of people with Epilepsy (KAWE).

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